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Kingsbury Family Medical Centre operates as a fee-for-service clinic.  This means that most services that are required are covered by Manitoba Health.  There are some times where you may need to pay for an uninsured service (sick notes, travel health, driver's physical).  We accept cash, cheque or payment by debit for these uninsured services.


Uninsured Services


Services that are not covered by Manitoba Health are listed below

  • Sick notes

  • Attending Physician Statements for Insurance

  • Disability Forms

  • Disability Parking Permit & HandiTransit 

  • EI Certificate

  • Disability Tax Credit & Supplementary Forms

  • CPP Disability & Certificate

  • Medicolegal reports

  • Driver's Physical Examination and Form

  • Employment/School/Camp exams

  • Travel Advice and Travel Vaccinations

  • Cosmetic excisions

See our list of uninsured services and costs attached


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